Rondo covers 'Boston Common,' continues to open up

Rondo covers 'Boston Common,' continues to open up
October 11, 2012, 5:18 am
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BOSTON - For most of Rajon Rondo's basketball career, there has been little insight into who he really is other than what you see on the basketball court.
These days, the ever-reclusive All-star point guard appears to be more open to opening up, and the results have been impressive.
After a media blitz this summer that included appearances on national programs such as NBC's the "Today" Show and an internship at GQ magazine, Rondo's latest achievement of note is appearing on the cover of Boston Common magazine -- a rare feat for an athlete.
Since 2007, only six athletes have appeared on the magazine's cover. Two of those athletes were current Celtic Paul Pierce (December, 2008) and former C's big man Shaquille O'Neal (Spring, 2011).
When asked about being on the cover following the Celtics' practice on Wednesday, not even the always-cool and collected Rondo could hide his excitement about being featured in the magazine.
"It is a really big deal," Rondo told prior to the magazine's party in his honor that was attended by a number of his teammates in addition to head coach Doc Rivers. "To get an opportunity to be on the cover, it's definitely an honor. Guys like Paul Pierce ... only a few sports guys have been on the cover."
Once he arrived on the red carpet, Rondo, donning a green jacket and a black shirt, was soon greeted by a sea of flashing light bulbs and several individuals -- among them Celtics co-owner Steve Pagliuca -- taking turns to get a picture with Rondo.
"I'm excited to be here, with the support of my teammates and the support of Boston," Rondo said.
Unlike most of the other magazine covers that Rondo has been featured, Boston Common is more of a lifestyle publication as opposed to one that is centered around the game of basketball.
Being featured in such a publication speaks to how Rondo is no longer seen as an NBA player on the rise.
Instead, he is viewed as more than just a basketball player, but a multi-faceted talent whose reach and influence extends beyond the hardwood.
Although there are a number of charitable endeavors that Rondo is involved with, there are many more that are never talked about in part because that's how Rondo wants it to be.
"I'm kind of a behind the camera-type guy when I try to do something from the heart," he said. "I don't need a lot of media attention or cameras there when I do certain charity events. It's just something I do."
And what he's doing now is continuing to take the world by storm doing what so many close to him have been pushing him to do for years -- be Rondo.
He's not just a basketball player. Rondo is a personality with purpose; a purpose that includes interests beyond the game of basketball that he's finally at peace with sharing to the rest of the world such as his growing love for fashion.
"People seeing a different side of me other than just basketball," Rondo said. "I don't do a lot of stuff, other than basketball. But when I did this summer, when I did, it opened up a lot of, a whole new window of opportunity for myself in the way that people see me."