Rivers: 'I love the playoffs, I love the format'

Rivers: 'I love the playoffs, I love the format'
April 18, 2013, 11:00 am
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Playoff Preview

The Celtics regular season is wrapped up, and Doc Rivers was answering more questions about the Knicks than the Raptors, who beat Boston 114-90 on Wednesday night.

Boston has played the Knicks four times in the regular season, and will see them at least four more times in the postseason. Doc Rivers is fine with seeing the same team so often.

"I love it. I love it," Rivers said. "Because it becomes just a war. It becomes a mental war, it really does. You have to have great focus. You're going to get taken out of your stuff. You have to be mentally tough enough to still execute. When they're calling the plays, we can tell them where they should go. Same way they other way. I love the playoffs. I love the NBA format. Game 1, Game 2, it's just a great mental test for each team, and to me it always turns out somebody comes apart when you watch the playoffs. Sometimes teams are better, but when it's really close, it's usually one team pools together and figures out everything is on the same page, and the other team comes apart. And it's your job to try to force the other team to do that. And I love that."