Rivers: I had to decide if change was needed

Rivers: I had to decide if change was needed
June 26, 2013, 6:15 pm
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Doc Rivers, now the former Celtics coach, was introduced as the new head coach of the Clippers Wednesday in Los Angeles.

But just a few days ago, it appeared as if Rivers might be back for his 10th season as Celtics coach until the Clippers came back with an offer of a 2015 first-round pick for the rights to Rivers. Both sides finally had an agreement. 

CSNNE's Greg Dickerson made the trip to LA and caught up with Rivers for an exclusive one-on-one interview following his introductory press conference, and Rivers explained that he believed as recent as over the weekend that he thought he would be back in Boston. 

"I talked to [Danny Ainge], I called him and you know, my decision wasn't to leave and coach somewhere else," Rivers said, "my decision was figuring out if I thought I still had an impact, if I thought change was needed, because after nine years that's what we think of as coaches: 'Is your voice still as strong? Do you need some change? Do you need a new challenge? And that's what I was trying to decide.

"I knew I wanted to coach. I wasn't sure if I needed to step back away from the game for a year or two, but I never really thought I would end up somewhere else. And then when these opportunities kind of came up I could see that Danny and ownership -- if they could get the right deal it would be good for them too."

As for the rumors that point guard Rajon Rondo was the reason he wanted to leave the Celtics, Rivers basically said that was far from the truth.

"I did not want to leave because I didn't want to coach Rondo, that's just silly," Rivers said. "Rondo and I have had so many back-and-forth's, so haven't Kevin and I, Paul and I. That's coaching, that's being a family. But I accept that. As far as our relationship at the end of the year, it was terrific."

Check out the video above for the entire one-on-one with Rivers.