Rivers honors Boston's finest

Rivers honors Boston's finest
April 26, 2013, 9:15 pm
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BOSTON -- As the son of a former cop, Doc Rivers strongly appreciated Friday's ceremony honoring those who served and protected during the Boston Marathon bombings and its subsequent events.

"They've been through a lot and I think they can't get enough support, they can't get enough love," the Boston Celtics head coach said prior to Game 3 against the New York Knicks.

Rivers makes it a point to express his gratitude to police officers whenever he sees them, an act he has been doing for years because of his upbringing.

"I've always done that," he said. "My dad was a cop, so I know how it is. No one likes you or wants you around until they need you, so I'm always thankful."

The Celtics held a moment of silence before the game to remember the victims and recognized government officials, law enforcement, doctors, and others during their "Heroes Among Us" presentation.

Among their video montages included the message, "We are a proud city. We are resilient. We will endure. Together ... We will stand united. Boston Strong."

"We don't get a chance a lot of times to say thank you," said Rivers. "So it's nice when people have a chance and want to."