Report: Rockets may re-enter Rondo trade talks

Report: Rockets may re-enter Rondo trade talks
July 14, 2014, 3:15 pm
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The Rockets haven't had much luck this offseason.

They lost out on Chris Bosh, who elected to re-sign with the Miami Heat.

Before that news, they traded Jeremy Lin and a first round pick to the Lakers to clear cap space.

They traded away Omer Asik to free up cap space as well.

And they let Chandler Parsons go to the Dallas Mavericks.

The signing of Trevor Ariza isn't stamping anybody's ticket in Houston to the NBA Finals.

So yeah, there's still some work that needs to be done if they want to roll with the best of the best.

One player linked to the Rockets for quite some time is Rajon Rondo.

ESPN's Marc Stein reported today that the Rockets could "re-enter the trade game for longtime Houston target Rajon Rondo as well as try to work their way into mix for Kevin Love."


To hear about Houston's interest in Rajon Rondo is not a surprise. As Stein said, they've had an eye on him for a while.

But if they think they have the pieces to acquire Rondo, that is a surprise. A third team will most certainly need to be included in a deal, but the Rockets still run into the same problem of not having much to work with - whether it's a three-team, four-team, or 12-team trade.

This is probably my favorite Tweet of the day, from Jeff Clark at CelticsBlog, and I think it sums up my feelings:

The Rockets had a much more realistic chance at acquiring Rondo before they put all their chips in the Bosh basket.

Now, they could be out of luck. But at the same time, the C's are out of luck too if they did in fact have interest in Parsons and Asik in a deal for Rondo.

Just one less suitor if the Celtics do get even more serious about trading their All-Star point guard.