Report: Clippers still talking to Celtics about Garnett

Report: Clippers still talking to Celtics about Garnett
February 16, 2013, 4:10 pm
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It's that time of year. Potential trades are everywhere.

On Friday night, the trade rumor mill was in full swing when Rajon Rondo's name came up with a potential deal to Los Angeles.

A Rondo trade might just be talk for now, but some older rumors might be gaining steam as the deadline nears.

When the Celtics played the Clippers on February 3, rumors began swirling that the Clippers were interested in Kevin Garnett.

According to Yahoo! Sports, the Clippers are still trying to pry the 36-year-old away from the Celtics.

The Clippers are reportedly willing to send center DeAndre Jordan and point guard Eric Bledsoe to Boston in exchange for Garnett.

In the original discussions, forward Caron Butler was also discussed.

As it was earlier in the month, Kevin Garnett's no-trade clause is a big topic in regards to any trade. He would still have to waive his no-trade clause for any deal to be completed.