Report: Clippers end talks with Celtics for now


Report: Clippers end talks with Celtics for now

Kevin Garnett will not be heading to the Los Angeles Clippers . . . for now, anyways.

Yahoo! Sports reports that the Clippers have called off talks with the Celtics and will not bring them back unless they are urged to by point guard Chris Paul.

Boston is said to be interested in both Eric Bledsoe and DeAndre Jordan if they are to part with Kevin Garnett.

As it stands now, Garnett, who has publicly declared that he wants to remain a Celtic, appears to be staying put, but Yahoo! Sports reports that if the C's came at him with a trade request, "there's strong belief he would ultimately agree to it".

But that's not all.

Yahoo! Sports also reports that a Garnett trade could could create a domino effect that could send Paul Pierce to Atlanta, or a third team, in return for Josh Smith.

Danny Ainge said earlier on Tuesday that it was "unlikely" a trade would be made by Thursday - but that has to be taken with a grain of salt.

So do the rumors around this time.

We'll find out soon enough which ones end up being true.