Report: Celtics look to be 3rd team in Love deal

Report: Celtics look to be 3rd team in Love deal
July 23, 2014, 12:30 pm
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If the Cleveland Cavaliers do get Kevin Love and win an NBA championship, Danny Ainge may just get a ring, too.

Having already played a big part in allowing the Cavs to sign LeBron James by clearing cap space (the Cavs traded three players in total to the Celtics and Nets), more help could be on the way from Boston - if it's up to them, anyways.

According to Sean Deveny of Sporting News, the Celtics are one of many teams trying to get in on a three-way trade that involved Kevin Love going to either Cleveland, Chicago, Golden State, or anywhere else.

Of course, the Celtics would love to land Love themselves, but it appears they simply don't have the best available package.

So Ainge is going to look for other ways to improve his team, even if it means helping facilitate the Love trade.

According to Deveny, the Celtics would be willing to trade some of their draft picks if it meant bringing in a player who could contribute immediately.

Obviously the non-guaranteed deals would be added, and depending on who they get back, an actual contributor to the team could be in the mix.

So, who could any of the potential players be? Well, don't get your hopes too high here. After all, it's the Wolves giving away Love - and expecting plenty back in return.

Players from the Cavs who could be included in a three-way trade for Love are the team's last two No. 1 picks, Anthony Bennett and Andrew Wiggins. The C's wouldn't get either of them. Also, Bennett doesn't exactly fall into the "contribute immediately" category. Anderson Varejao is safe because James loves playing with him. Dion Waiters? Doubtful. Tristan Thompson? With Love on the way in, Thompson becomes more expendable. Sure, he's another young power forward - Boston has a couple - but he also averaged around 12 points and nine rebounds the last two seasons, while playing all 82 games each time. He's also an (wait for it…) asset.

From the Bulls, Taj Gibson, Jimmy Butler, and expiring contract of Mike Dunleavy, and rookie Doug McDermott all seem to be viable options in a deal acquiring Love. Would any of those (Dunleavy excluded) make their way to Boston somehow? Don't count on it.

And while the Warriors refuse to trade Klay Thompson, who knows? They could fold and he would go in a deal - but to the Wolves. David Lee would also be on the way out in Golden State. What about Harrison Barnes? The last thing Boston seems to need is another small forward, but Barnes would be the most promising option. Draymond Green is another one who the C's could have interest in.

And then there's Minnesota, who along with Love is certainly looking to trade Kevin Martin in the deal. The two will most likely come as a package. There were reports that the Wolves were trying to unload J.J. Barea as well, a former Northeastern Husky. The Wolves have two strong centers in Nikola Pekovic and second-year player Gorgui Dieng, who had a strong finish to the year. Boston's search for a legit center does continue . . .

These are just some names to think about when you consider why Ainge would reportedly want to be involved in a deal for Kevin Love, without actually getting Kevin Love.