Report: Celtics likely to trade Rondo if Love doesn't happen

Report: Celtics likely to trade Rondo if Love doesn't happen
June 20, 2014, 11:45 am
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Either way, it sounds like the Celtics are going to look very different in the near future.

The Boston Herald's Steve Bulpett reports that while the Celtics are still in the hunt for Kevin Love in hopes to get back into contention next season, they are prepared to move on with the more traditional rebuilding phase if a deal with the Wolves can't be worked out.

And that means most likely trading Rajon Rondo.

It wouldn't end there, either. The Herald reports that they'd also have a taker for Jeff Green, who has two years left (including a player option) on his deal at $9.2 million per season.

Green's inconsistencies on the C's have been well documented. One game he's putting up 30 points, another he looks disinterested. With Rondo out of the picture, Green becomes much more valuable to the C's as a trade chip than as an actual player.

The "Rondo Conundrum", we'll call it, is an interesting one.

What we do know: Rondo is in the final year of his contract. He's returned from a torn ACL and appears healthy, albeit less explosive last season. He wants to win now, and has hinted at wanting the Celtics to do something big over the offseason (i.e. Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Love). He's not a superstar and certainly needs help. Nobody is untouchable on the Celtics, Danny Ainge has gone on the record saying.

What we do not know: How committed to the Celtics is Rondo if a star or two aren't brought in over this offseason? Does he want to re-sign here regardless? Also, how much money does he expect to get in a new deal, because it doesn't seem like the C's feel he's a max player. Can he regain his explosiveness pre-ACL tear?

By trading Rondo, the Celtics acquire even more assets (because you can never have enough, right?) and presumably a solid player in return. It's obviously not their ideal situation, but if they don't bring in talent, and get the sense that Rondo may walk after the 2014-15 season, it makes sense to trade him while they can.

Also, there's a chance the C's draft a point guard in the NBA Draft. Players like Marcus Smart or Dante Exum could be available to Boston at No. 6. Elfrid Payton has impressed teams and is shooting up mock drafts as well.

So one way or another, the Celtics are going to be a very different team next season. Whether or not fans show up to see the product tells the story of which way the offseason went.