Ray scoring more


Ray scoring more

Just a quick note before the Celtics take the floor against the Hawks. This may have been pointed out somewhere already, but I haven't seen it. Then again, maybe that's because it's stupid. Regardless, here it goes.

We're now four games into Ray Allen's new career as a sixth man actually, he's the seventh man and so far his numbers are predictably down. But not by much.

He's averaging 13 points a night off the bench, compared to 14.4 as a starter.

But of course, a bunch of those starts came at the beginning of the year, when Allen was hot like Hansel. For a more recent sample, how about looking at Allen's last four point totals as a starter:

7, 19, 6, 5.

That's nine points a night. Four points down from where he's been as a reserve.

Anyway, four games on either side is far too small of a sample, so no one's getting carried away, but for now, all things considered, you have to be happy with Ray's performance on and off the court nor can you argue with the results.

After all, the Celtics are back.

Unless they lose tonight. In which case, Doc's out his mind!

Allen needs to start!

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Pomeranz 'pretty comfortable' with potential move to bullpen


Pomeranz 'pretty comfortable' with potential move to bullpen

NEW YORK -- If Drew Pomeranz is going to be part of the Red Sox' postseason plans, the team will likely have a better idea about that question by Thursday afternoon.

Pomeranz, who was scratched from his final scheduled start on Thursday because of soreness in his left forearm and general concern about his 2016 workload, will throw a 30-35 pitch bullpen.

If he responds well, he could then see some relief action over the final weekend at Fenway to determine his readiness for the playoffs.

"Before we even begin to map out a potential relief appearance over the weekend,'' said John Farrell, "we've got to get through that next step.''

Pomeranz pitched well in his last start at Tropicana Field over the weekend, but has been dealing with some discomfort in his forearm.

"I've had some soreness here, late in the year,'' Pomeranz said. "I've thrown more innings than I have ever (before), so we kind of sat down and talked about the best course of action the rest of the way.''

Pomeranz described what he felt as "just some soreness, probably from never covering this time of the year. It's a spot I've never been in before. We just decided the best thing to do was not making this last start and talk about maybe sliding into the bullpen.''

The lefty is no stranger to the bullpen, having pitched there as recently as last season while with Oakland.

"I've had the benefit of doing pretty much everything (in terms of roles),'' he said. "I'm pretty comfortable in any situation. If they see me helping there, obviously, that's where I want to be. But I don't know if it's a sure thing. We'll have to see how it goes.''

Meanwhile, another sidelined starter, Steven Wright, is expected to rejoin the team in Boston Friday. Wright threw a bullpen off the mound earlier this week in Fort Myers as he attempts to come back from inflammation in his shoulder.