Pressey, Olynyk take in lottery night with C's fans

Pressey, Olynyk take in lottery night with C's fans
May 21, 2014, 12:00 am
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Phil Pressey and Kelly Olynyk remember NBA Draft night. It was less than a year ago.

Of course, it went differently for both. Olynyk was a lottery pick while Pressey went undrafted.

This year, they were on-hand at CSNNE's lottery party at Ned Devine's in Boston, MA with Celtics fans.

Like the rest of the party, they were a little disappointed to see the C's end up with the No. 6 pick instead of a higher one, but they're going to stay in good spirits anyays.

"Regardless, Kelly and myself, we can't control who we pick," Pressey told CSNNE's Abby Chin. "All we can control is that we're going to go out there and work hard. I mean, I'm happy with what we got, and hopefully the best comes from it."

Olynyk had his hopes high coming into the night.

"Yeah, I mean you're always hopeful," Olynyk said. "And I thought that maybe this was the year that the balls may fall our way."

As far as players coming out, neither Pressey or Olynyk know them too well. Most of them are young guys. But one player, Doug MacDermott, is older. Pressey remembers playing against him in college.

"He's a great player," Pressey said. "I think he had over like 3,000 points, so just me knowing him personally he's a good guy. If we were to get him that would be a plus. If not, I'm happy with whatever. That might be the only guy I know there. Everybody else is young guys."

Andrew Wiggins, like Olynyk, is from Canada. The two players know each other a bit from playing back home.

"I know he's a great guy, he's been quiet since I've known him with the national team as a younger guy," Olynyk said. "But he looked like he did well at Kansas and flourished and I think he'll be a great pro."

Of course the night couldn't end without bringing up the most popular name surrounding the Celtics as of late: Kevin Love.

"I'm happy with our team right now," Presey said, "but if we get him, so be it. I can't control that. All in all he's a good player and to have him on our team would be big, but right now I'm happy with our team."

"He's a great player," Olynyk said. "He's really skilled. Hard worker. Rebounds the ball. He really stretches the defense, put it on the floor. And you know he's a great asset to any team he goes to. So to have him on our team would be wonderful but it's something that's out of our reach."