Pietrus wants fans to pick his nickname


Pietrus wants fans to pick his nickname

BOSTON -- Mickael Pietrus has heard a handful of nicknames over his eight-year NBA career. But now thats playing for the Boston Celtics, he wants a new moniker on his new team.

Ive got France, Threetrus -- Pietrus, Threetrus -- and Black Mamba 2, he told CSNNE.com. They cant pick the same name Orlando called me, Peaches. It was Peaches because thats my favorite food.

Pietrus has also been called The Black Puma, which he learned about from his Wikipedia page.

So whats next? Pietrus is enlisting the help of Celtics fans to come up with a new nickname.

Ill let them pick, he said. "It would be more fun if they can hit me up on Twitter (@MickaelPietrus) and find a nickname for me. I will tweet what the Boston Celtics fans should call me.

Wednesday, Oct. 26: Crosby scores in season debut


Wednesday, Oct. 26: Crosby scores in season debut

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