Pietrus (concussion) could return for playoffs


Pietrus (concussion) could return for playoffs

MIAMI If Mickael Pietrus had his way, he would be back on the floor for the Boston Celtics very soon. Like, you know, tonight against the Miami Heat.

While the timetable for his return is still a work in progress, all signs point toward him returning to the court in time for the playoffs -- or possibly even sooner than that.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers said on Sunday that Pietrus has already passed one of the tests required in order for him resume playing. Rivers wasn't sure of when his next test will be, but he did add that there's a schedule of tests for him to take.

When it comes to injuries, Rivers often relies on the eye test to see where a player is health-wise.

"He's been running with no effects, which I think is real important," Rivers said. "So that's a great sign for us."

Rivers said he and the team's medical officials have yet to talk about a specific return date.

"He (Pietrus) sounds like sooner than later," Rivers said. "But that's from Pietrus, so we have to temper all that."

Sooner. Later. It doesn't matter to Rivers.

"Listen, we get him at all it's a blessing," Rivers said. "It didn't look like we would. That would be a huge boost for our team."