Pierce 'surprised' that Allen left for Heat


Pierce 'surprised' that Allen left for Heat

WALTHAM -- There was one unavoidable question at Boston Celtics Media Day: What did the players think about Ray Allen's decision to sign with the Miami Heat?

Paul Pierce, for one, didn't expect it.

"I was very surprised at Ray's decision," he said on Friday afternoon. "I thought we would finish our careers together, me, Kevin Garnett and Ray. I was very surprised at him going to Miami but Ray, he's a grown up. He has to make a decision of what he feels like is best for his family, for himself."

Pierce shared the court with Allen for five seasons after the Celtics acquired Allen in the summer of 2007. Together, "The Big Three" won a championship in 2008. They will face off on Opening Night when the Celtics take on the Heat in South Beach.

"I wish he could have went to the Los Angeles Clippers if he was going anywhere, but he went to our Eastern Conference rivals," said Pierce. "But as you all know, Ray likes to golf, maybe that factored into his reasoning, he didn't like the golfing in Boston in the winter. Who knows."