Pierce: Pictured return to Boston 'a hundred times'

Pierce: Pictured return to Boston 'a hundred times'
July 19, 2013, 12:45 pm
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Paul Pierce was just formally introduced as a member of the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday. But he's already envisioned what his return to Boston will be like countless times.

"I know it's gonna be really emotional," Pierce said. "I've already pictured it in my head about a hundred times and every time I've pictured it I've shed tears. It's gonna be difficult, man."

As a result, UNO Sports Tonight discussed what kind of ovation both Pierce and Kevin Garnett will receive when they return to TD Garden for their first road game against the Celtics next season.

The consensus is that Pierce is deserving of the bigger ovation given his history with the C's, but it may be closer than some people think.

"It's gonna be pretty close," Kirk Minihane said. "It should be Pierce. Garnett was a game-changer, franchise-changer, but he also was a mercenary to win a championship. Pierce was a Celtic beginning to almost end, I think he gets a slightly bigger ovation."

Steve Buckley agrees that Pierce will get the larger reception.

"When the season begins and these guys go out on the parquet as members of the Nets, it'll be based on lifetime achievement," Buckley said. "Based on lifetime achievement, Pierce is the bigger draw in that respect."