Pierce believes Celtics need to make a trade


Pierce believes Celtics need to make a trade

Danny Ainge told reporters on Monday that he doesn't see a trade happening before the deadline.

Whether you believe him or not is up to you, but members of the Celtics made it clear the team needs more players - whether through trade or not.

"I think it's needed," Paul Pierce said. "I mean, right now we have ten healthy bodies, so we could use a little depth pretty much at every position. Practice is going to be a little tough. We don't have six guards to match up. Only four big men. Kevin Garnett is going to need rest at practice, I'm going to need rest at practice the rest of the way so we can make a second-half push."

Doc Rivers echoed Pierce's words, specifically saying that the team needs to bring in at least one guard.

"We do need another guard, there's no doubt about that," Rivers said. "I think we need two guards. But again, I told Danny, if we can't get what we want, we just won't have it. We dearly need one for sure, just for practice if nothing else. But other than that, we'll see."