Pierce and KG: 'We miss Gino'

Pierce and KG: 'We miss Gino'
January 26, 2014, 11:45 pm
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If you've ever been to a Celtics home game in a blowout win, you've seen him.

Gino! It's become a tradition at the TD Garden to play clips from American Bandstand, a music show from the 1970's.

KG loves it because a) it means the Celtics are about to win, and b) the dancing on the video board is pretty awesome and ridiculous.

One dancer in the video is wearing a T-shirt that simply says "Gino" on it - and he has some moves.

The Celtics made sure to include the music from those clips in KG's tribute video, and they even showed Gino towards the end of the tribute.

It seems that KG may have forgotten that he saw it up there on the video board - after all, he has admitted to "blacking out" during games.

Nonetheless, Garnett and Pierce expressed their love for Gino, and how much they miss him now that they're gone.