Ordway: Pitino wouldn't have won in Boston

Ordway: Pitino wouldn't have won in Boston
April 9, 2013, 9:00 pm
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Rick Pitino won his second NCAA championship on Monday, this time with Louisville.

But you won't find many Celtics fans praising the former C's coach who by all accounts set the franchise back years in his short tenure with the organization.

Pitino insists that it's the ping pong balls fault. If the C's had the No. 1 pick (Tim Duncan), he'd still be coach.

But not many people around here will give him that either.

Mike Felger and Glenn Ordway chime in.

"Most people have such a low opinion of Rick Pitino, that they think that he could have drafted the biggest star of that generation, and still not got a championship out of it," Felger said.

"He would not have done it here," Ordway agreed. "He would have forced these guys to press for 48 minutes. You can't do it in the NBA. He would have pissed off three aurters of that team. They're professionals that want to be treated like men. It would not have worked."