O'Neal, Howard get into it during game


O'Neal, Howard get into it during game

BOSTON -- Emotions ran high in the third quarter of the Boston Celtics 87-56 win over the Orlando Magic on Monday night as Jermaine ONeal and Dwight Howard were issued double technical fouls and had to be separated by teammates.

From ONeals point of view, he had grown tired of absorbing Howards elbows on defense. From Howards point of view, he didnt appreciate ONeal putting his hand in his face.

The end result was a tangle of players and a pair of technicals with 7:34 remaining in the third.

It didn't necessarily start with that particular play, said ONeal, who was also called for a personal foul on the play. It started with a couple elbows that happened that I didn't really like too much. This game is a very emotional game, and I think sometimes you react and sometimes it can be good for the team, sometimes it can be bad for the team.

Said Howard, I wasnt about to get into it or go back into it with him. But thats kind of crossing the line when somebody put their hand in your face. And I just got to put his hand out of my face. I didnt run up on him because its basketball. Were not MMA fighters.

The Celtics will face the Magic in Orlando on Thursday.