By the numbers: Trouble in the paint for Bynum

By the numbers: Trouble in the paint for Bynum
November 29, 2013, 3:30 pm

There's an infinite number of numbers that will play a role in the Boston Celtics' game tonight against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

But let's face it.

Being too stuffed with stats is never a good look.

So we'll give you three to follow as the Celtics try to get back on the winning track against a Cavaliers team that has struggled all season.

22: This is how many assists the Boston Celtics, dead-last in the league at 17.4 per game, average in games in which they emerge victorious. In losses, the number drops to a shade under 15 (14.7 to be exact)  per game.

37: That would be Andrew Bynum's shooting percentage in the paint. Yes, I had to do a double-take on that one as well. It's not just bad; it's the lowest field goal percentage in the paint of any player with at least 50 field goal attempts taken.

61.5: It has to do with Anderson Varejao and no, it's not the number of flops he averages per game, either. It's his shooting percentage on elbow jumpshots this season which is currently tops in the NBA among players who have taken at least 25 attempts this season.