Numbers adding up for White, Randolph

Numbers adding up for White, Randolph
March 21, 2013, 9:30 pm
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The numbers didn't quite add up.

Shavlik Randolph stepped on to the practice court in a Boston Celtics jersey with a green 46 plastered across his back. The team name across his chest was correct, but Randolph's uniform number was 42.

Days later, D.J. White emerged from the trainer’s room wearing a pair of gray shower sandals. The number 43 had been scrawled in black marker. White wears number 12.

There is a transition process when players are with a team on 10-day contracts (or two 10-day contracts, in Randolph and White’s cases). They want to be comfortable enough so they perform well, but not too cozy knowing they could be packing their bags in less than two weeks. Part of that period is going along with what the team provides you and focusing on basketball, not making a fuss about shirts and shower shoes.

White believes the sandals had belonged to Kris Joseph, who previously wore number 43 before being waived by the Celtics in January. He laughed it off, saying it didn’t matter whose shoes he had on his feet.

As for Randolph, he didn’t know where the number 46 shirt came from. He didn’t care either.

“I’m just happy to wear a Celtics jersey,” he said.

The numbers didn't add up before, but they might now that Randolph and White have signed with the Celtics for the rest of the season.