Menino: Sorry, KG and Rondo!

Menino: Sorry, KG and Rondo!
June 7, 2012, 3:07 pm
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You have to love Mayor Tom Menino. One day after he screws up the names of two of the Celtics' most important players -- KG and Rondo -- he comes out with a good-natured apology. You know it's championship season when I flub our athletes' names! Sorry KG & Rondo, it's kind of my thing- another Menino-ism! GoCeltics Mayor Tom Menino (@mayortommenino) June 7, 2012
Yes it is your thing, Mr. Mayor. And although your propensity to screw up the simple names of very famous athletes is inexplicable (some might call it inexcusable), we can't get enough of you.