Maxwell: Celtics owner told me he's not trading Rondo

Maxwell: Celtics owner told me he's not trading Rondo
December 19, 2013, 10:15 am
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Celtics legend and radio analyst Cedric Maxwell joined Mike Felger and Lou Merloni on Sports Tonight to discuss the state of the Celtics and Rajon Rondo's impending return.

There's been lots of rumors floating around right now involving trades between the Celtics and other teams. Maxwell doesn't think Rondo will be a part of those trades though.

"I think Rondo is going to come back, he's going to come back trying to be healthy, trying to fit into the regiment and really trying to fit back into what this team really does and that's they want to run the basketball," Maxwell said.

Maxwell also spoke with an important person within the Celtics organization.

"Well I talked to Wyc Grousbeck, the owner, and one thing he said in a small conference to me, he said, 'I am not trading Rondo.'"

"I'm going to stick with that until he gets traded."

But the Celtics do have a surplus at the guard position, and will almost certainly trade somebody at some point. Rondo clearly has the most worth.

"If you trade Rondo, he's going to be a facilitator for another deal that can accelerate your growth," Maxwell said. "Right now Jordan Crawford's been pretty good, but is he your answer right now. He's probably been playing better than anybody in the Eastern Conference from a point guard standpoint. So what happens right now with Rondo? Where does he fit in with this basketball club. I love Rondo as a professional. I think he is one of the best point guards around, but what do you with a slew of point guards for your team?"