Mavs' Cuban: Don't give worst teams chance at top picks

Mavs' Cuban: Don't give worst teams chance at top picks
February 9, 2014, 7:45 pm
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BOSTON — Wherever he goes, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban tends to draw a crowd.

Things were no different on Sunday as Cuban held court with reporters prior to Boston hosting the Mavericks.

Here are a few of Cuban's thoughts:

(On the former NBA commissioner David Stern versus his replacement, Adam Silver)

MC: "Adam is more consensus right now and still learning, so he's wide open to suggestions. I think - you know me with the referees, David's attitude was 'one team wins, one team loses. It doesn't matter how they get there.' He doesn't care. Adam recognizes if fans don't perceive the officiating as being transparent or fair, then some fans turn off to the game. We'll see what happens. I don't know exactly what will happen. I think it will have a positive impact when he starts to increase the transparency."

(On possible changes to the NBA draft lottery)

MC: "You can tweak it. I really think you could. I've suggested that the teams with the worst three records are not eligible for the top pick or the top three picks ... I think that changes things very quickly, so you have to at least try. I would tweak it. I know Mike (Zarren, Celtics' assistant general manager and the team's legal counsel) came up with the wheel. I didn't like the idea because if you're in the wrong spot in the life cycle and all of a sudden when you don't need the draft pick you get the draft pick, and when you need it, you're 30 years away. That's tough. But it's just, the law of unintended consequences can mean that teams don't ever have a shot for a long time."

(On whether Dirk Nowitzki will play a couple more years)

MC: "He's got more than that. It's a different age. Just the age of guys who are really diligent and anal about their diet and how they take care of themselves that, barring an injury, they can play longer. You see (former Celtic) Ray Allen as an example. (Former Celtic) Kevin Garnett. With Kevin, the more minutes they (Brooklyn) gave him the better he played. I just think it's different. Kids coming into the league now, it won't be unusual for them to play into their 40s."