Martin shows C's what they missed

Martin shows C's what they missed
March 27, 2013, 12:00 am
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BOSTON -- The Boston Celtics lost to the New York Knicks on Tuesday night.

Kenyon Martin believes the team also lost out on him this season.

“It’s their fault," he said following the Knicks 100-85 win. "They lost. There was talks, there was
negotiations, they chose not to do it. It was out of my control. I’m a Knick now, so they lost.”

Martin wanted to be where he was wanted. At 35, he believed he had more basketball
left in him for his 13th NBA season.

His agent fielded interest from teams around the league, including the Celtics, but ultimately
negotiations fell through. Martin found himself pondering his future as the 2012-13 rolled along.

He eventually shifted his focus away from basketball and on to other aspects of his life, the things
he wouldn't normally have an opportunity to do during the season. He took his sons to basketball
practice and attended his daughter's dance recital, learning to enjoy his free time.

But he still had something to prove. When the Knicks offered him a 10-day contract in February,
he agreed to the deal. It was time for him to show what he could still do on the court.

“I’m just here to prove to people that I’ve never lost it," he said. "I guess I’m a better person than
I am a basketball player. But the chip I’ve always played with hasn’t gotten bigger. I’m here to
prove what I can do – that’s everybody, every night. It doesn’t start with the Celtics. Whoever puts
that uniform on is opposite us. They’re going to see what they’re missing.”

Martin He has stepped up to fill a void in the Knicks injury-stricken front-court, averaging 8.7
points and 5.3 boards in 23.2 minutes over 12 games. He posted nine points and five rebounds in
25 minutes as the Knicks starting center on Tuesday with Tyson Chandler sidelined by a bulging

"[People think I am a] bad guy, bad teammate, I'm terrible in the locker room -- I've heard it all.
People that know me know what I'm about. I care about winning, I care about my teammates,"
he said, adding, "[Teams are missing out on] veteran leadership, toughness, defense, somebody
who can go out and get it done on both ends each and every night."

Martin never asked for reasons why other teams passed on him -- "I don't need one. It is what it
is. It's yes or no with me," he said. The Knicks are winners of five straight games and rank second
in the Eastern Conference at 43-26, making Martin pleased with how his season of
uncertainty panned out.

"If it were to have happened [signing with the Celtics], I would have been grateful," he said. "But
the Knicks moved in and needed help, so I'm here now."