Marshall: Will Celtics stay put or rebuild?

Marshall: Will Celtics stay put or rebuild?
May 4, 2013, 2:00 am
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Now that the season is over, the Celtics face a number of questions.

Donny Marshall gives his opinion on what he sees happening for the Celtics in the off season.

There are three key unknowns this off season:

1) Doc Rivers

2) Kevin Garnett

3) Paul Pierce

Of the three, Pierce represents the toughest decision.

Both Garnett and Rivers hold their decisions in their own hands, but Danny Ainge must decide whether to buy out Pierce's contract or bring the aging star back at a hefty price.

Complicating the matter are comments made by KG immediately after the Game 6 loss in which he said his decision would be influenced by Pierce's fate.

For more on the difficult decisions facing the Celtics, check out the video above.