Marshall: 'Pierce makes a difference'


Marshall: 'Pierce makes a difference'

Donny Marshall thought that Paul Pierce made an impact in his return to both ends of the Celtics' game.

"I really believe that Paul Pierce makes a difference on this team, even if he's really not at a hundred percent," said Marshall. "Doc can go to him offensively; I'm not ready to say Paul Pierce is the defensive stopper of this team, but they definitely are more on a string when he's back on both ends of the floor."

Pierce had 9 points and 6 rebounds in 28 minutes, but as Marshall said, the team is better when he is on the court.

Michael Felger felt that Kevin Garnett was more important in Sunday's game.

"KG's best game of the season so far was this one. He, to me, was the one who stood out the most in those first three games," said Felger, adding that his presence had diminished greatly. "Offensively, he was back tonight."