Mannix: I don't think Garnett is coming back


Mannix: I don't think Garnett is coming back

With another Celtics' post-season now over, Danny Ainge and the rest of the front office have important decisions to make regarding the Big Three.

And they may not be easy.

Paul Pierce is under contract until 2014, but the deals of Garnett and Allen have run out in Boston. The question is: Will the Celtics try to re-sign them?

"Will they be able to do it? I don't see it happening," Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix said on the Dan Patrick Show Monday.

Garnett, who came into the league in 1995 at the age of seventeen, is now 36 years old and there is question to how much he has left in the tank. Mannix mentioned the knee injury Garnett suffered in 2009 and said it still impacts his play today.

With another 82 game season ahead of him, it does not look like Garnett will be able to play an entire season with his usual same intensity, Mannix said.

"I think that Kevin Garnett is going to retire," he said, pointing out he had no confirmation from anyone in the NBA to back up his opinion.

Mannix thinks Allen will not be wearing green next season, either.

"I've gotten the sense for a long time that Ray Allen is ready to move on," Mannix said.

Allen proved that he can still play, shooting a career high percentage (.453) from behind the arc. Teams looking for a spot-up three-point shooter could offer Allen a deal worth more than anything the Celtics would be willing to offer.

Will things play out the way Mannix thinks they might? Or will the Big Three be back to make another run next season?

What is Ainge going to do? Whatever happens, he will have his work cut out for him.