Mannix: "Ainge has done a fantastic job rebuilding this team'

Mannix: "Ainge has done a fantastic job rebuilding this team'
January 16, 2014, 10:00 am
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Everybody knows the Celtics are rebuilding.

What's the only thing worse than rebuilding? Rebuilding wrong.

Early on, it doesn't appear Celtics GM Danny Ainge is guilty of that.

The Celtics have a truck load of future draft picks, and have unloaded lots of salary, allowing them plenty of options in the near future.

In all, Boston has 10 guaranteed first round picks, one protected first round pick, and five second round picks through the 2018 season.

CSNNE's Kyle Draper and Chris Mannix discuss the job Ainge has done so far.

"I tell you what, Danny Ainge, to me, is teaching a clinic on rebuilding," Mannix said. "This is Rebuilding 101. You trade your star players at just the right time,  you get a haul of first round picks back in return. You get a first round pick for a coach that you effectively traded to the Los Angeles Clippers and you get the coach you wanted all along anyways. Danny Ainge has done a fantastic job at rebuilding this team.

"Now Kyle, any GM out there will tell you: it's easier to tear a team down than build it back up. So the next step is not going to easy. But I'll tell you, Boston, for any team that's out there rebuilding, they have got as great a chance as any to rebuild this team quickly and on the fly, and may even get back into the playoffs as early as next year."

Just because the Celtics have all those draft picks, doesn't mean they'll use all the picks. They can package those picks in deals for great NBA players, if they're available.

Mannix throws out two big names that could be trade bait: Minnesota's Kevin Love and Portland's LaMarcus Aldridge.