Looking back at Rondo's season checklist


Looking back at Rondo's season checklist

BOSTON -- During training camp, Rajon Rondo listed out his personal to-do's for the 2012-13 season. At the time he had no way of knowing it would be cut short in January.

I want to take care of my turnovers, he said following the Celtics first practice of the season. I want to get more looks at the basket. I want to be more aggressive to the rim. I want to get to the line, obviously, maybe seven, eight times a game, realistically.

Rondo's season officially ended on Sunday when an MRI revealed a torn right ACL that will require surgery. The point guard, who was voted as a starter in next month's NBA All-Star game, played in 38 games this season, averaging 13.7 points, 11.1 assists, 5.6 rebounds, and 1.8 steals. He recorded 20 double-doubles and five triple-doubles.

With his season ending on January 27, see how Rondo fared on his checklist:

Goal 1: Limit turnovers

2012-13: 3.9 TO
2011-12: 3.6 TO
2010-11: 3.4 TO

Tied for highest turnover average in the league with Jrue Holiday and James Harden.

Goal 2: Get more looks at the basket (field goal attempts)

2012-13: 12.2 FGA
2011-12: 10.8 FGA
2010-11: 9.9 FGA

Tied for second with Kevin Garnett for most field goals attempted on the Celtics this season. Paul Pierce is first with 15.0 FGA.

Goal 3: Get to the line 7-8 times a game

2012-13: 2.4 FTA
2011-12: 3.4 FTA
2010-11: 1.9 FTA

Rondo attempted 93 free throws, fourth on the Celtics behind Pierce (242), Garnett (146), and Jeff Green (112).

Rondo's season ended with him atop the leader board in assists per game. He also led the entire league in triple-doubles.

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