Knicks hoping third time's the charm

Knicks hoping third time's the charm
May 3, 2013, 1:15 pm
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BOSTON — The New York Knicks didn't think they'd be here last week.

But sure enough, Friday morning players and head coach Mike Woodson answered questions about Game 6 from the basement basketball court of Suffolk University in downtown Boston.

The Celtics have won the last two games of the series, and now trail the Knicks, 3-2, heading into tonight.

Does that mean more pressure is on the Knicks than before? They won't admit so, but it's safe to assume that all that funeral talk and dressing up in black - not to mention the talk about golfing - didn't do anything but make it more difficult on the Knicks overall.

That's why they've regrouped and hope to keep their minds on the game.

"Absolutely. I think we're focused on the task right now and understand that we have to finish the job," Tyson Chandler said. "You can't look forward into the future without working on the present."

"I think we're fine," Chandler continued. "I think our heads are in the right place. We went over a lot of film, good and bad."

Carmelo Anthony has shot just 18-for-59 over the last two games, and the return of J.R. Smith went awfully bad in Game 5, as he missed his first 10 shots of the game. Both players haven't had much postseason success at all, and if that starts creeping into their minds, it'll only get worse.

"We shouldn't be here playing with no pressure," Anthony said. "When you play with pressure it makes the game tense. It puts a lot of stress on this game, on this situation, and I don't we as a team that's what we're playing with, a lot of stress. We've been playing free all year long and we shouldn't stop doing that."

Woodson knows his team can beat the Celtics in Boston. They've done it three times this year, including Game 3 of the playoffs. But against a Celtics team with everything to lose, he knows it'll take a complete effort.

"It's a sense of urgency again," Woodson said. "We still control our own destiny being up 3-2, and it's not like we haven't won here in Boston, so it's going to be a hostile environment tonight, and we just got to stay the course. We got to be committed for 48 minutes, that's all we need to do."