KG & Pierce honesty "refreshing" at Nets intro

KG & Pierce honesty "refreshing" at Nets intro
July 22, 2013, 1:45 am
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Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce are now ‘former’ Celtics, to the dismay of many. But the two people most disappointed about Pierce and Garnett not finishing their careers as Celtics may be Pierce and KG themselves. Something you could sense during the press conference in which the two were introduced to the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday.

“I guess in a way, it’s refreshing,” said Michael Holley on Sports Sunday, “because we’re trained to think these guys are mercenaries, it’s all about the money, they don’t really care what the geography is, where they’re located, they’re gonna get paid regardless.”

Pierce noted in the press conference that he wanted to retire a Boston Celtic, while Garnett said used the word "unfortunately" while describing the current situation of he and Pierce having to leave Boston for Brooklyn.