Kevin Garnett is ready for the postseason

Kevin Garnett is ready for the postseason
April 18, 2013, 10:30 am
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The NBA playoffs have officially arrived. And the Celtics will take the court at Madison Square Garden for Game 1 at 3:00PM on Saturday.

Kevin Garnett sat down with CSNNE's Greg Dickerson for an exclusive interview on all things playoffs, and Garnett didn't hold back.

"Playoff basketball, as soon as you get off the bus if you're on the road, you come into obviously the arena," Garnett said. "When you're playing at home, you come in the arena, man, the fans are there two hours early doing their chants. They're in the building. They're providing the energy for the day. That's the best feeling man, coming in. It being the early game, it being the late game, it don't matter. You feel the energy in the building, it's like a whole other atmosphere."

Garnett has always been a player that has thrived off energy, and intensity. When he's out on the court, he's giving it everything - and that's the advice he gives to others.

'My best piece of advice is allays pretty much the same: Is go give it your all, give everything you have while you're out there on the floor, "Garnett said. "Go as hard as you can, truthfully, be decisive, be aggressive. Nine out of 10 times, that's what it is. You being aggressive, or you being smart obviously. But playing hard, not everybody plays hard. Everybody wants to think they're playing hard, but not everybody plays hard. I've always said that if you're able to come out and give everything you have, and give it to the betterment of the team, than that's all you can do."

He was also asked about what losing does to him. We usually don't hear from KG over the summer, and if it's due to a loss, you can bet it's not a great summer for him. Losing "lingers" for KG.

"You can be at an amusement park and confetti comes out of a dinosaur's mouth, and it reminds you of something," he said. "You can be somewhere walking in the park and see a group jumping up and down having fun together, and you're reminded of celebration. So it triggers things. For me, I try not to be so emotional with things, but it's what I am. It's my make up."

He also described the minutes leading up to taking the court in a playoff game, and then what it's like for him running out there.

"The run out is a numb one. You don't' necessarily hear. It's almost like the wind. It's crazy, when you run out, you can see fans, and obviously you can hear, but it's numb. You feel it. It's almost like someone blowing in your face. It's like a big gush of something - and you run out, and you're almost in awe of how much energy is in this place."

"The one thing I love about the fans, you give 100-percent and they give it right back to you. And that's consistent throughout our league. You can't go to every arena and fans give you that. You come into the Garden you're definitely getting 1,000 percent. So that's what they expect you to give back. That's every night."

Check out the video for classic KG.