How much does Ray Allen have left?


How much does Ray Allen have left?

Hard to believe, but the Celtics are down to five games on the regular season.

And from here on out, it's all about seeding.

Who will they play in the first round? Who would they play in the second round? Will they have home court advantage? Can someone please kidnap Reggie Miller?

This is what we want to know.

But here's the thing about playoff seeding: It's so far beyond the Celtics control.

They could win the next five games or lose the next five games, and it might not make a difference. Their seeding and opponent will still one way or another likely come down to the last day of the season. So why stress about it now?

On that note, while seeding is cool, I'm far more interested in watching Ray Allen.

He's the real story of these next two weeks.

I mean, it's obvious that this injury is somewhat serious. At least to the extent where it will linger from now until the end of the playoffs. So, how much can he give? How long can he go? Is this something that could sabotage his season?

Of course, with Avery Bradley in the mix, these questions aren't quite as scary as they would have been at pretty much any other point in Allen's Celtics career. Right now, the C's are more prepared than ever to fight on without him.

But it goes without saying that if Boston has any legitimate dreams of winning another title, they need Ray Allen. He may not be able to run circles around you for 35 minutes a night anymore, but there are still things that he can do down the stretch of a game a playoff game that very few can. He's still a difference maker.

So let's hope Allen is out there tonight at MSG, and that more importantly, he can still walk when he wakes up tomorrow morning.

And then we can talk about seeding.

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