How do Rondo, Westbrook stack up?


How do Rondo, Westbrook stack up?

This season Rajon Rondo has already faced off against two of the leagues most touted young point guards, Derrick Rose and John Wall. On Monday, he will take on Russell Westbrook when the Oklahoma City Thunder come to Boston.

The two teams have not seen each other in over a year. The last time they played, November 19, 2010 in Boston, Westbrook led a Kevin Durant-less Thunder with 31 points with six assists, while Rondo posted 14 points and seven dimes in the Celtics 89-84 loss.

See how Rondo, who is tied with Steve Nash for most assists per game, and Westbrook, the fourth-highest scoring guard in the NBA, compare this season before they go head-to-head at the TD Garden.

Differentials from 2010-11 season averages are noted in parentheses.

Points per game
Rondo: 14.7 (4.1)
Westbrook 18.9 (-3.0)

Assists per game
Rondo: 10.1 (-1.1)
Westbrook: 5.5 (-2.7)

Rebounds per game
Rondo: 4.9 (0.5)
Westbrook: 4.8 (0.2)

Field Goal Percentage
Rondo: 50.4 (2.9)
Westbrook: 43.7 (-0.5)

Free Throw Percentage
Rondo: 59.3 (2.5)
Westbrook: 78.8 (-5.4)

Rondo is averaging 12.6 points, 9.6 assists, and 3.6 rebounds in the last five games. Westbrook is averaging 22.2 points, 6.0 assists, and 4.8 rebounds during the same stretch.