How Celtics handle last 19 games

How Celtics handle last 19 games
March 11, 2014, 1:45 am
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The Celtics have won two games in a row, and that has the pro-tankers all up in arms.

Yes, that means Mike Felger. He sat down with Lou Merloni and Dan Shaughnessy as they discussed the Celtics' recent stretch and how they should attack the next 19 games.

Former tanker M.L. Carr went full-tank mode according to Cedric Maxwell, but don't expect that the rest of the way.

"This is really tricky," Shaughnessy said. "They're not going to do what M.L. [Carr] did, they're not going to bench guys or sit guys or willingly try to lose games, come in with 15 wins. They're already in jeopardy of being 7th or 8th worst record. There was even the preposterous mention of the playoffs last night . . . you're going to have to settle with going in with the numbers of four, five, six, and maybe you get lucky with the balls this time."

The Celtics haven't been lucky lately when it comes to the ping pong balls, *cough* Tim Duncan *cough Kevin Durant *cough*, but despite the bad luck, Felger says it's better to give yourself a chance than not have one at all.

"What good is to be the 8th seed versus having a chance at Tim Duncan?" Felger said. "Give me the chance at Tim Duncan every single time. Furthermore, Chauncey Billups wasn't a bad player to end up with. Rick Pitino screwed it up. If the Celtics get Chauncey Billups out of this draft you can trade that asset you can do whatever you want with it. I want Chauncey Billups that would be fine with me."