How big of a loss is Rondo to the Celtics?


How big of a loss is Rondo to the Celtics?

WEEI's Cedric Maxwell and Sports Illustrated's Ian Thomsen were both at the TD Garden on Sunday when news broke that Rajon Rondo had suffered a torn ACL and would miss the remainder of the season.

The two took a short trip over to the CSNNE headquarters after the game to talk about what's next for the Celtics without Rondo this season.

"It's devastating when you lose a guy like Rondo," Maxwell said. "He does so many things for you. He really attacks the rim. He's your facilitator. He sets the table for everybody else ... who's going to step up next and take his place? That's going to be huge."

The Celtics are going to have to dig deep without their All-Star guard, and may have to rely on their other All-Stars to do more. But how long can that last for?

"They have to play more and more through Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, who are 36, 35 years old, and they haven't missed a game yet this year," Thomsen said. "Do we really think they're going to go the whole way through at their age not missing a game all year? It's going to be real interesting the second half of the year."

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