Hollins gets dirty


Hollins gets dirty

Sports Illustrated recently asked 146 NBA players: Who is the league's dirtiest player?

Here are the results:

1. Reggie Evans, which makes sense since he's the only active player to tear off an opponent's scrotum during a game.

2. Kevin Garnett, which is fine.

3. Metta World Peace, who would probably get a few more votes if they took the poll today.

From there it went:

4. Jeff Foster who's since retired. (Pour out some milk on the concrete)
5. Chris Paul always game for a crotch shot.
6. Gerald Henderson very well-deserved; he's been a cheap shot artist since college.
7. Kevin Love bit of a surprise, then again 13 boards a game don't come easy.
8. Kurt Thomas sometimes I get scared just typing his name.
9. Anderson Varejao Automatic.
10. Eduardo Najera Not a bad career you had, Eduardo Najera
11. Ryan Hollins Wait, what?

Yes, THE Ryan Hollins. Who I never realized had any sort of NBA reputation aside from "the seven footer who can't rebound" is considered one of the dirtiest players in the league.

And you know what? I like it.

When it comes to the playoffs, you can never have too many dirty players on your side. Guys who are willing to mix it up, and agitate the other team. It also helps when said agitator isn't all that important. And Ryan Hollins certainly isn't.

Maybe he can be Boston's psychological answer to Ivan Johnson?

Anyway, the Top 15 rounded out with:

12. Dwight Howard should be higher.
13. Shane Battier the second Dukie on the list.
14. Jamaal Magloire that's "Worst All Star in NBA History" Jamaal Magloire, to you.
15. Raja Bell missed the last month with injury, but still crazy after all these years.

In closing, I have only one question:

Where's Dwyane Wade?

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Report: Celtics amend Johnson, Jerebko guarantee date to July 7


Report: Celtics amend Johnson, Jerebko guarantee date to July 7

The Boston Celtics have reportedly agreed to amend the guarantee date for Amir Johnson and Jonas Jerebko's contracts to July 7th instead of July 3rd, Jeff Goodman of ESPN reported.

The Celtics now have until July 7 to decide whether or not to waive the duo to make more cap space to potentially sign Kevin Durant and another near max-salary player.

The Boston Globe reported on Thursday that the Celtics will likely guarantee the second year of Amir Johnson’s contract.