He's a rookie, but Johnson has a following

He's a rookie, but Johnson has a following
December 20, 2011, 10:48 pm
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JaJuan Johnson admits the more comfortable he is around a person, the more he opens up.
This offseason, the Boston Celtics rookie took the extra time during the NBA lockout to do just that -- open up to his fans.
Johnson was active on Twitter and has over 20,000 followers to date on his account, @JaJuanJohnson
I just wanted them to get to know me as a person a little bit, he told CSNNE.com. Obviously they wont fully get to know me because during the lockout, it was kind of hard to get with those kinds of people and stuff like that. I guess that was just one way of me getting to know me.
Johnsons rookie offseason was unique because of the lockout. Instead of making community appearances and participating in events around the city of Boston as many would under normal circumstances, the 22 year old moved back home to Indiana to live with his mother, stepfather, and younger sister.
Even nearly 1,000 miles from Boston, he was able to open himself up to Celtics fans. And in turn, he learned something from them as well.
Thats all they care about -- they always talk about Banner 18, Johnson said. Theres probably not a day that goes by that somebody doesnt mention Banner 18 to me on Twitter. But its cool. Thats the expectation out here.