Green: C's need to 'leave it all out on the floor'

Green: C's need to 'leave it all out on the floor'
April 27, 2013, 2:15 pm
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WALTHAM -- The silence in the Boston Celtics locker room following their Game 3 loss to the New York Knicks said it all.

The C's intended to return to the TD Garden and take the first game of the series on their homecourt, in front of their crowd who had packed the building yearning for a victory. Instead, they walked off the court on the losing end of a 90-76 matchup and on the brink of elimination.

"It was quiet in the locker room yesterday," Avery Bradley said before practice on Saturday. "Everybody was real mad yesterday. Nobody was saying anything. Usually Doc (Rivers) talks and then you hear KG and those guys talk to keep us all up, let us know we've got to continue to keep playing hard. But yesterday everybody was quiet, pretty mad."

Just over 12 hours after leaving the Garden, the Celtics came to their practice facility to prepare for a must-win Game 4 on Sunday. The word "frustrated" was heard repeatedly as Bradley, Jeff Green, and Jason Terry addressed the media.

Missed layups. Missed open looks. Missed opportunities. The Celtics are averaging 75 points in the first three games, leaving them searching for ways to break through in a series in which they have looked inconsistent, uncertain, and lost on the court.

"The frustration with us is knowing that the type of game we had with everything we missed -- easy layups, open shots, the stuff we can control, we normally make those layups and those open shots," said Green. "I think we were more frustrated with ourselves with how the game was played."

The team that struggled to find answers all seasons is still continuing to do so. They don't have specific explanations as to why they are aren't hitting shots or their offense isn't clicking. The bottom line is, it isn't, and they have a very short turnaround to make critical adjustments before one o'clock tip off on Sunday.

"We can't worry about the end result, we've just got to go out and play as hard as we possibly can, as smart as we possibly can, and make shots," said Terry. "The shots we missed in this game (three), we're at the basket to start the game, we miss two layups, I come down the lane, miss a wide open layup. That's the frustrating part about it, but you can't be deterred, you have to stay determined, and know that if you get those same looks something's got to break. You're not going to continue to just score 70 points every game, that's crazy. I played youth basketball, AAU, I never scored this least amount of points."

While the Celtics are struggling on the floor, the Knicks aren't being shy about their success on it. Their celebrations have not gone unnoticed by the C's, who want to silence them in Game 4.

"That's what made us so mad, so angry," said Bradley. "Somebody said it right after the game, right when we got in the locker room, said 'They're showboating on us, they're dunking,' and everybody kind of looked like, yeah you're right. But all we can do is go out there and play the right way and play hard, so we don't give them a chance to showboat at all."

Terry, who was on the receiving end of a J.R. Smith Flagrant 2 foul in Game 3, echoed, "There was some showboating going on out there a little bit, which I don't' care for, but again, they have every right to do so. You're up 3-0. There's no pressure on them, they can pretty much come out here tomorrow and just show up and they think they've got it won."

The Celtics will face the Knicks on Sunday for the fourth time in nine days. The losses are adding up, and they are tired of battling the same team with the same end result. There is no do-over if they lose Game 4, leaving the Celtics poised for a do-or-die fight on the parquet.

"What we have to do is treat this game like it's the last game of everybody's career," said Green. "We've got to go out and play hard and leave it all out on the floor."