Grande: Randle, Gordon good options for Celtics

Grande: Randle, Gordon good options for Celtics
May 21, 2014, 2:00 am
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Knowing that the Celtics have the No. 6 pick in the NBA Draft, we can zero in on a few that should be available to them when they pick.

Sean Grande joined Mike Felger and Bob Neumeier on Sports Tonight to discuss the NBA lottery and the C's spot in the draft.

Grande isn't too upset over picking No. 6. He doesn't think it's anywhere close to as bad as it was for Boston back in 2007, or even further back when they missed out on Tim Duncan. In fact, he still thinks they've got enough to put something together for Kevin Love (or another star player). But if not, there are players in the draft at No. 6 he likes.

"I think they're in play for Love," Grande said. "I think their total number of assets are as good as any team out there. Minnesota is making strong noise now about keeping Love and rolling the dice that they'll have a chance a year from now. Are there other teams with big-name players on the trade market? Absolutely there are. If they keep it, I'll say this. You have bigs out there, most notably Julius Randle who's the guy that I like that compliments what you have on your roster in Sullinger and Olynyk. The stretch four is in vogue. How about a guy that gets his hands dirty in the paint. Julius Randle does that. Aaron Gordon is not a bad consolation prize either. He's a high-upside Blake Griffin-type athlete."