Grande: Celtics found 'good home' for KG, Pierce

Grande: Celtics found 'good home' for KG, Pierce
July 20, 2013, 12:45 am
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If the Celtics can have an introductory player press conference, so can the Nets.

The Brooklyn-based organization introduced its new acquisitions on Thursday, trotting out the likes of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry to show off the new and (maybe) improved squad.

However happy they may be in Brooklyn, the people of Boston are still trying to fathom an existence where their two core guys are gone and the man who seemed so destined to start and end his career as a Celtic will not.

As Sean Grande admitted on Uno Sports Tonight, he could barely stand to watch it all.

"This is a difficult image to look at, particularly hearing Paul yesterday, knowing how much he wanted to be Dirk and Kobe and one of these guys," Grande said. "Just the resignation in his voice that we all knew it couldn't happen, in the long run it was best, but this is going to be a difficult year. Whatever it's going to be until 34 goes to the rafters in Boston, it's going to be strange to watch."

Indeed the Celtics have a whole revamped squad, a few of whom seem less than enthusiastic to be here (I'm looking at you Kris Humphries). Their coach is 36 and coming straight out of the college ranks. They now reside in an Atlantic Division where the Knicks and Nets look to be the kings.

It's a new time and a strange one, where it'll go from here is anybody's mystery.