From goodbye tuck rule to stopping Heat

From goodbye tuck rule to stopping Heat
March 25, 2013, 12:00 pm
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From the elimination of the Tuck Rule to the Miami Heat's winning streak, "SportsSunday" host Michael Felger checks in around the nation with experts on these topics and more in another edition of "Conference Call."

On NFL rules changes, particularly the elimination of the "Tuck Rule," which some claimed helped fuel the Patriots' first Super Bowl run when it was called in the famous "Snow Game" against the Raiders, former supervisor of officials Jim Daopolous told Felger he's glad to see the rule go.

"They needed to get it out of there," Daopolous said. "At the league office we used to talk about he old saying of 'if 50 guys in a bar say it's a fumble, then it's a fumble.' It should have been gone 10 years ago.

Daopolous also likes the rule change where ball carrier will be penalized for leading with the crown of his helmet.

"It will be tough to officiate," Daopolous said. "They'll be more fines for it than calls on the field."

He said three criteria need to be met for refs to make the call. 1) Did the runner square up to deliver the blow? 2) Does the runner lower his head? 3) Does he deliver the blow with the crown of the helmet, not the facemask?

Onto the world champion Ravens and their signing of free agent pass rusher Elvis Dumervil as well as their free agent departures, Ryan Mink of tells Felger that it's "the beginning of a new era of Ravens defense."

"It make a whole lot of sense," Mink said of the signing of Dumervil, who left the Broncos for a five-year, $35 million deal with Baltimore. Mink points out that the Ravens lost Paul Kruger to the Browns to a five-year, $40 million deal. "I'd rather have Dumervil."

Finally, Felger talks to the Chris Sheridan of about the streaking Heat and how they match up with the Celtics, who nearly ended Miami's winning streak last week in Boston.

"The Celtics are the one team in the Eastern Conference who aren't afraid of the Heat," Sheridan said. "They have a bigger heart than anyone in the league."

Still, Sheridan doesn't see the C's staying with the Heat in a seven-game series.

"Are they going to get a career-best from Jeff Green every night?" Sheridan asked. "Plus, [Rajon] Rondo was such a huge factor last year...I can's see them staying with them for a seven-game series. Maybe five or six."