Gasper: Key for Stevens to succeed with Celtics

Gasper: Key for Stevens to succeed with Celtics
July 9, 2013, 12:30 am
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Brad Stevens is the Celtics' new, young head coach, and The Boston Globe's Chris Gasper said the key for Stevens to succeed in Boston is for Stevens to assert himself to the team without causing a distraction on the court or to the media.

"Privately, you have to let him know, 'I'm the coach, you're the player. I'm the boss, you're the employee,'" Gasper said.

Gasper later compares that method to the way Terry Francona was when he was manager of the Red Sox from 2004 to 2011.

"If Stevens isn't that way, Rondo and whoever else is going to walk all over him, and he'll be back in college," Gasper said.

Gary Tanguay, Michael Felger and Gasper talk about Stevens and his future relationship with Rajon Rondo on "UNO Sports Tonight" in the video.