Garnett: 'We'll always bleed green'

Garnett: 'We'll always bleed green'
January 27, 2014, 2:15 pm
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Kevin Garnett made it very clear how he perceives himself in the big picture of his career. He's a Celtic. Same goes for Paul Pierce, he explained.

"I think we will always bleed green as long as we're playing basketball," Garnett said, "as long as we're living, even when they bury us six feet, that's just what it's going to be."

Pierce said it's been hard for him to deal with being traded. He still isn't completely over it, and maybe it's impossible for him to ever get over it. Boston's still home for him in some ways.

The video tribute he was paid early in the game reflected the myriad ways he made a difference in town, and they weren't all on the basketball court.

"Just all the great moments, from on the court to off the court, all the great moments that's all you can think of" when watching the tribute, Pierce said. "Me being in the community, the difference I was able to make not only on the court, but in the community . . . That's what I think matters most to me, the lives you can change."