Garnett set to play more minutes in postseason

Garnett set to play more minutes in postseason
April 20, 2013, 2:45 pm
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NEW YORK — Even in the postseason, Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers will try and limit Kevin Garnett's playing time.

"Maybe limit them to 40 or 35 in that area," Rivers said.

The days of trying to keep Garnett around 30 or so minutes played are a thing of the past now that the postseason has started and no one is happier about that than Rivers.

"That's nice," Rivers said.

During the season, Rivers tried to substitute Garnett out around the five-minute mark, better known as the 5-5-5 plan.

"It got to the point where you take Kevin out, and they'd bring their big back in," Rivers said. "You knew you couldn't bring him back in. That's gone now. It's basketball."

And more Garnett means the Celtics use of big men Shavlik Randolph and Chris Wilcox will likely ease up as well.

Rivers has no worries about the impact of playing Garnett will have on the Celtics' rotation.

"Rotations are easy when you can play the better player more minutes," Rivers said. "That's not hard. It's when everybody is even and you're trying to figure out who to play. I have no problem playing Kevin more minutes. That's easy. Honestly, I have no problem playing someone else less if Kevin can play more. So that's not a problem at all."

And Garnett comes into the postseason as rested as he has been all year, having played in just three games in the month of April and not seeing more than 28 minutes in any of those three matchups.

"Rest is always good for anybody," said Garnett who added, "I feel pretty good."