Garnett raves about Celtics' in-game communication


Garnett raves about Celtics' in-game communication

BOSTON -- Kevin Garnett liked what he heard in the Boston Celtics locker room.

There was intensity, focus, and dialogue taking place among teammates. All the talking was music to the vocal leaders ears.

There was a lot of dialogue today, Garnett said following the Celtics 101-79 win over the Atlanta Hawks. You could tell through the layup line, when I came in here, guys were focused in, you could feel it. Not only were we just like that, but we carried it over to the court, so thats big.

The communication reminded Garnett of some of the things weve done in the past. The end result was a critical Game 4 win to give the Celtics a 3-1 lead over the Hawks in the first round series.

I just knew that when we went over schemes and some of the new stuff that we wanted to correct, we were all locked in, said Garnett. Sometimes, individually we kind of get a little dysfunctional at times but for the most part, everybody was very communicative in what we were talking about, guys were giving tips.

On Sunday the Celtics committed 11 turnovers in Game 4, their fewest since Game 1. They communicated in transition, scoring 21 fast break points (79 FG) compared to 20 in Games 2 and 3 and up from 11 in Game 1.

With every active member of the team playing at least six minutes, the Celtics talked through lineup changes and gave advice on matchups.

When you talk, everybodys in tune, what we called initiated, explained Garnett. You cant use the excuse that you didnt hear it or you didnt know. When guys are talking fluently, loudly -- we have a very loud building so you have to say things continuously over and over.

Sometimes the guards give us crap from a big-man standpoint for us not talking loud. But we try to say it repeatedly, and it helps. It helps a guy, gives him confidence that he guard the guy in front of him. Everybodys been on an island where youre one-on-one with a guy, so if you try to put yourself in their perspective, in that guys shoes, help him out in as best a way as you can.

Even among 18,000 screaming fans, the communication among the Celtics was music to Garnett's ears.


Celtics must address needs with free agency on the horizon

Celtics must address needs with free agency on the horizon

BOSTON -- With more salary cap space than they've ever had along with a slew of clear and well-defined needs, the Celtics are sure to be one of the busier teams when free agency begins on Friday.

And while the Celtics’ needs may be all over the place, there is one thing that head coach Brad Stevens and the rest of the Boston Celtics have made no secret about wanting to come away with this offseason.

“The need for increased versatility,” Stevens said.

Indeed, Stevens envisions the NBA becoming more of a position-less league going forward.

When you look at the Cleveland Cavaliers rallying from a 3-1 deficit to knock off Golden State, of course LeBron James was brilliant as well as Kyrie Irving. 

But one of the more stealth keys to that series that factored into its outcome, was the way Cleveland's 6-foot-9 power forward/center Tristan Thompson was able to hold his own defensively against two-time league MVP guard, 6-3 Stephen Curry.

His play was as clear an example of the value in having players with defensive versatility as you will find.

It also has value on the offensive end of the floor as well. 

That helps explain why LSU’s Ben Simmons was selected with the top overall pick, a player with power forward size (6-10, 240) with point guard-like vision.

And in many ways it speaks to why the Celtics decided to draft Jaylen Brown with the No. 3 pick instead of a playmaker like Providence College’s Kris Dunn or sharpshooters like Oklahoma’s Buddy Hield or Kentucky’s Jamal Murray.

Brown stands 6-7, weighs 223 pounds and has a 7-foot wingspan with elite athleticism and quickness getting to the paint. 

“Very few guys can move like Jaylen, can move at his size and at his length,” Stevens said. “So the defensive versatility is a big piece of that; that should be transferable right away.”

As for free agency, the same mantra – seek out versatile players – will remain in effect for Boston.

Of course Kevin Durant is at the top of the Celtics’ free agent wish list after Durant reportedly included Boston on the list of teams he will meet with in New York shortly after free agency begins.

In addition to the Celtics and his current team Oklahoma City, Durant is also planning to talk with officials from the following teams: Golden State, the Los Angeles Clippers, Miami and San Antonio.

Along with Durant, the Celtics are also expected to express interest in Atlanta’s Al Horford; New Orleans’ Ryan Anderson; and possibly Golden State’s Harrison Barnes who will be a restricted free agent which often serves as a deterrent for potential suitors. However, Barnes could wind up being an unrestricted free agent if the Warriors feel as though they will land Durant.

Regardless of which free agents wind up in Boston, you can count on versatility being one of their strengths.

“I only look at the game in four spots; ball-handlers, wings, guys that can play that three-swing spot (some power forward as well as small forward) and bigs,” Stevens said. “The more versatile, the more position-less, the better. That overall provides more opportunities than it does not. That’s a positive when you talk about guys that can do different things at different positions.”