Garnett, Pierce's friendship began long before Celtics

Garnett, Pierce's friendship began long before Celtics
March 15, 2013, 1:00 pm
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WALTHAM, MA -- Inside the Boston Celtics' Hall of Fame room rests an encased picture of a jubilant Celtics squad in 2008, just moments after they won Banner 17.

Near the center of the photo there's an ear-to-ear grinning Kevin Garnett seated next to Paul Pierce, with his left arm draped around the Captain's shoulders.

Garnett and Pierce tag-teaming for a championship might have happened 20 years earlier if Pierce's recruiting skills were just a little bit stronger.

They played in one summer league game and the chemistry even back then was, apparent.

Garnett lived in South Carolina at the time and flew out to California to play with Pierce's AAU team.

At that time, Pierce remembers Garnett was thinking about leaving South Carolina.

So Pierce spent the bulk of that summer trying to recruit Garnett to come play with him at Inglewood (Calif.) High school.

Garnett eventually left the Palmetto State and played in Chicago. But as Pierce remembers, Garnett and him teaming up back then was a lot closer to coming to fruition than some might have believed at the time.

"He almost moved (to California), too," Pierce said. "It would have been crazy, had we won a championship in high school together and also in the NBA."