Garnett: The best is yet to come from Celtics players


Garnett: The best is yet to come from Celtics players

BOSTON -- Kevin Garnett has seen a lot over the last 17 years in the NBA. He also knows there is more to come on the Boston Celtics.

After falling to 1-4 in their first five preseason games, Garnett believes the C's have not put everything they have out on the court. Following their 97-96 loss to the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday, the veteran leader explained his teammates still have more to show.

"I think when it comes to personnel on our team, I don't think you've seen everything that everybody obviously can contribute to our team," he said. "We're still in the stages of getting better, still in stages of everybody understanding their role."

Garnett played only 14 minutes while the other four starters and second unit played the majority of the game. Head coach Doc Rivers (and Tuesday's fill-in, assistant coach Armond Hill) has been trying different rotations to mix and match players and their skill sets. He knows what has worked in the past and is looking for new combinations and strategies that will click.

"We're still learning," said Garnett. "Doc is still inserting different things for us offensively and defensively. But I think the things that you're going to see out of some of the players on our team won't be shocking, but there'll be things that we probably haven't seen in quite some time. Different players in here bring different elements and it's a good thing. It's not just the oneness on two or three guys. We really have a real balanced team in there."

After five seasons on the Celtics, Garnett knows one thing that will be seen.

"Doc will keep it interesting and keep it challenging," he said.