Friday FT's: Scalabrine bolts Italy; KG's new campaign


Friday FT's: Scalabrine bolts Italy; KG's new campaign

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Brian Scalabrine is known as one of the ultimate team players in the NBA, so when he recently left Benetton Treviso to pursue a contract in the NBA, his coachs response was surprising. reported Alexander Djordjevic said :

A disappointment on the human side, I didn't expect that. This is my personal opinion. He was the first NBA player in Europe to go back to the USA without a contract, without playing the latest games and help the team and greet the fans, all at 33 years ago only for going on his knees to his wife that wanted him back. He hasn't a team and an NBA contract yet. I was counting on his professionalism, respect for the club and especially for his young teammates. He could help us at least until tomorrow, the team needed it, but Scalabrine had a very negative attitude, as already shown in recent weeks, which gave us not so much on the field and beyond, indeed he has also negatively influenced other Americans. We're thrown off by this, thinking of a serious professional, but caused problems with teammates and club.

(ht Yahoos Ball Dont Lie)

Scalabrine played seven games for Benetton Treviso, averaging 11.6 points per game, and quickly became a fan favorite.

He was a favorite among his teammates, too. Celtics rookie ETwaun Moore, who played in Italy with Scalabrine, recently told the Boston Herald, I ask (Scalabrine) a lot of questions. He has given me a lot of insight things to look for. Hes told me that everyone on the Celtics is a close family, and gets along real well. Hes told me how well (coach) Doc (Rivers) does at getting everyone into the right situations to play to their strengths.

KGs New Campaign

Want to learn more about Kevin Garnett? ANTA's new marketing campaign, "Basketball is My Life," will include stories on their endorsed players, according to the company's press release. As part of the campaign, ANTA will also debut a new series of basketball sneakers showcasing "the Four Mythical Creatures" -- White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, Black Tortoise and Azure Dragon. No word yet on which shoe Garnett will wear this season.

Will Arroyo Play in the Big Apple?

Carlos Arroyo is one of those veteran players who doesnt make a lot of noise, but once the postseason rolls around, you usually see him on the court for a playoff contender. After previously playing for the Detroit Pistons, Orlando Magic, and Miami Heat, Arroyo joined the Celtics in March for their title push last season. Now it seems he has his eye on another championship hopeful the New York Knicks.

"I love New York," Arroyo told "It would be a great situation for me -- aside from being the largest Puerto Rican population in the U.S. (laughs). I have a great relationship with Chauncey, Melo and Amare, especially with Chauncey since we played together in Detroit.

Arroyo averaged 2.4 points and 1.7 assists in 15 games for the Cs.

I Wanna Be Like Perk

When younger players compare their games to NBA veterans, names like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Kevin Garnett are frequently used. You know, star players who are idolized and emulated by millions. So when Knicks rookie Josh Harrellson compared himself to former Celtic Kendrick Perkins, the reference stood out.

Im a lot like Kendrick Perkins, Dennis Rodman type player, Harrellson said, according to the New York Post. Im tough and Im going to do the little things, offensive rebounds, going to play good defense, take charges. The little things that those two did to make their teams successful: Kendrick at Boston, Rodman for the Bulls. The little things those guys did to make championships teams better.

Harrellson also has another link to the Celtics the University of Kentucky alum worked out this summer with Rajon Rondo and other former Wildcats.

Celtics Tweet of the Week

@CharleeRedz13: "Thx 4 all the support from my fans.......I will continue 2 become a better player and person every day..... Let's hope 4 the best dis week."

Celtics Birthdays of the Week

Celtics legend and Hall of Famer Larry Bird turned 55 on December 7. Bird played all 13 years of his career with the Celtics, winning three NBA championships during the 1980s. His accolades include three MVP awards, two NBA Finals MVP awards, Rookie of the Year honors, and 12 All-Star selections. Over the course of his career, he averaged 24.3 points, 10.0 rebounds, and 6.3 assists during the regular season and 23.8 points, 10.3 rebounds, and 6.5 assists during the playoffs. Four-time All-Star Otis Birdsong, who played in the 1988-89 team with Bird, turned 56 on December 9.

This Week in Celtics History

On December 4, 1992, the Celtics traded Jon Barry and a 1995 second round pick to the Milwaukee Bucks in exchange for Alaa Abdelnaby. On the same day, the Cs waived Kenny Battle. On December 6, 2000, the Celtics signed Milt Palacio as a free agent. On December 8, 1977 the Cs waived Steve Kuberski, who was in his second stint with the team.

Crowder on Cousins' style: 'Step up to the test or you get run over'

Crowder on Cousins' style: 'Step up to the test or you get run over'

BOSTON – There was a point in the fourth quarter when Sacramento's DeMarcus Cousins was fouled trying to score which brought about an automatic, intense and angry scowl from the all-star center. 

He raised his hand as he were going to strike back at the potential assailant. 

And then he saw the man was Jae Crowder. 


Cousins, who had a game-high 28 points, then went to the free throw line, incident-free. 

“I’m not one those other cats he be punking,” said Crowder with a grin.

That moment was one of many throughout Friday night’s game when Crowder made his presence felt when the game mattered most, and wasn’t afraid to mix it up with whoever stood between him and helping the Celtics win – even Cousins. 

But as Crowder explained following Boston’s 97-92 win, that moment was about two physical players who have developed an on-the-floor rapport that speaks to their intensity and desire to win at all costs. 

“He’s going to bring the game to you; his physicality,” said Crowder who had 16 points on 6-for-12 shooting. “He’s a very physical type of guy. If he senses you’re not physical at all, he’ll let you know. He’s a dog down there; he’s a bull. I love to go against a player like that. He’s going to give you his best shot each and every night. You either step up to the test or you get run over.” 

As soon as the two made eye contact, Crowder knew it was one of the many intimidation methods used by Cousins against opposing players. 

Crowder wasn’t having it. 

“That’s my guy; he’s my guy,” Crowder said of Cousins. “He plays a lot of tactics against a lot of other players. I’ve earned that respect with him. He knows I’m going to fight him just as hard as anybody else. We leave it on the court. He’s a good friend of mine. We’ve become friends, just playing ball, playing basketball the right way.”